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FC Llapi | History of Club

The first ball in Kosovo was brought by a Grenoble student in 1919, but it is said that in 1914 football played the Austro-Hungarians who served in Kosovo at that time. Football in Kosovo was played very early, but the first clubs were formed in 1922 in Gjakova and KF “Prishtina” in Prishtina, KF Llapi 1932 in Podujeva and then other clubs. Races were not regular due to the unstable situation that reigned at that time. This period begins after the Second World War from 1945 to 1991.

At this time, football in Yugoslavia progressed fast with Kosovo football, when the Football Federation of Kosovo was formed in 1948 as a branch of the Yugoslav Football Federation.

In the first Yugoslav League, most of the KF “Prishtina” is distinguished, and one year a member of this league was KF “Trepça” from Mitrovica. The second state league consistently consisted of 3-4 Kosovar clubs. In these two federal leagues Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Vojvodina, Kosovo and Macedonia competed all in a unique league.

Kosovo had its first league, where the championship team moved directly to the second Yugoslav league, then had the second and third league. Kosovo at this time had representatives, federal leaders and numerous senior employees. KF Llapi competed in the First League of Kosovo, is known as the club that has given the greatest talents in Kosovo and all the Albanians among them: Favzi Rama, Fadil Vokrri, Esat Mehmeti, Shukri Paqarada, Ejup Bekteshi, Shaban Hajrullahu, Shaban Hajdari, Idriz Mehmeti, Jakup Mehmeti, Islam High, Bastri Muçolli, Selatin Vokrri, Muhamet Vokrri, Luan Salihu, Rifat Hajdari, Miftar Ajvazi, Naser Hyseni, Isa Blakqori, Naser Ibrahimi, Isak Ibrahimi, Ismet Haliti, Fadil Kodrali, Avni Stublla, Hetem Musa , Nexhat Dumnica, Fehmi Podvorica-Rista, Kujtim Ali, Afrim Ajeti, Bejtush Bejta, Fatmir Berisha and many others who will be more detailed in the monograph dedicated to KF Llapi.


Fadil Vokrri was born on June 23, 1960 in Podujeva. He started playing football as a 15-year-old and was a member of KF Llapi juniors, while 17-year-old debuted in the first team of KF “Llapi” in Podujeva. Then in 1980 he moved to KF “Prishtina”, where he played 84 games and scored 33 goals in this league in the Second League, while in the First League of Yugoslavia in the shirt of Prishtina had 88 appearances and scored 22 goals.

The 80’s was a golden age for Vokrri, who in 1984 debuted in the Yugoslav team’s team, becoming the only Albanian footballer to appear in the Representative, recording 12 appearances and scoring 6 goals. In 1986 he moved to Belgrade’s Partizani where in 27 matches he scored 13 goals. He deservedly won the epic of Kosovo football legend as he was the bearer of the Olympic flag at the 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo, until in 1987 he was declared the best player in Yugoslavia. In 1989 he moved to France to Nimes team and then moved to the Turkish club, Fenerbahçe where he played with success in the 1990-1992 editions. After his career in the Turkish Championship he returned to France where he lived with his family and played for several years for the lower French teams, Bourges and Montluçon, before ending his career. After the liberation of Kosovo, he returned home, originally to help his former club, Pristina, to the post of director, and then in February 2008 took the helm of the Football Federation of Kosovo as the most man Proper to run FFK towards UEFA and FIFA membership. On January 15, 2016, Vokrr was entrusted with the third four-year mandate as chairman of FFK. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Management and Business, and in addition to his native language he owns the French, Turkish and Serbo-Croatian languages. He lives with his wife Edited and has three children, Gramozin’s sons Albert and daughter Albana.


KF Llapi with the aim of better organization in 2013 with the initiation of the Municipality of Podujeva led by Mayor Agim VELIU held the electoral assembly with the board of directors who supported the long term project presented by Nexhat DUMNICA as President and who directed KF Llapin also in The past 90s and Tahir BATATINA as chief of the technical staff and thus began the mission towards the Superliga, with clear ambitions and clear organization. In the first meeting of the football fund, club leaders Nexhat DUMNICA and Muhamet HASANI presented their plan for a ‘revived’ Llapi financially and with new goals.

First season, Llapi in 4th position, with no reinforcement until spring. Tahir Batatina as the biggest motivator in our soccer claimed the Super League, but 90 minutes off when they lost in the match against Trepça. It was hard to get started