CHRONICLES: Vllaznia (P) – Llapi 0: 1

Llapi confirms the fantastic start of the championship, marking the second win in the first two matches.

Gjilan, August 25, 2017 – Llapi has scored a victory against Pozderani Vllaznisë with a score of 0: 1. The match held at the city stadium in Gjilan was under the dominance of Llapi’s team, which in many cases only made one through Miran Maksutit to grab the first position until the second run of the second run.

Week II:

Vllaznia Pozheran – Llapi 0: 1 (0: 0)

Goalkeeper: Miran Maksuti 87 ‘

Watchers: About 150

Vllaznia: 1. Jasir Bajrami, 15. Erdin Hashani, 3. Alban Tusuni, 34. Albert Kaqiku, 20. Maliq Behluli, 19. Armend Kastrati, 17. Bergin Maliqi, 7. Alban Rexhepi, 27. Alban Shillova, 8. Fuad Karabegu, 4. Rron Statovci. Kryetrajner: Bekim Isufi

Llapi: 13. Afrim Ademi, 18. Ilir Blakqori, 5. Dardan Jashari, 14. Egzon Sinani, 8. Benjamin Emini – 16. Hamdi Namani, 6. Kushtrim Shabani(10. Edon Zeqiri), 7. Mentor Zhdrella, 9. Gentrit Begolli(17. Miran Maksuti), 11. Florim Berbatovci(45. Valon Zeqiri), 19. Mirlind Daku. Kryetrajner: Tahir Batatina

Llapi konfirmon filllimin fantastik të kampionatit, duke shënuar edhe fitoren e dytë në dy ndeshjet e para. Llapjanët mposhtën 1:0 Vllazninë e Pozheranit me golin e Miran Maksutit, duke i zhytur në krizë debutuesit. @Tribuna Channel.

Opslået af Emisioni ARENA på 25. august 2017


The Vllaznia Pozheran did not manage to win either in the second match of the Vala Superliga, having been defeated by Llapi with a score of 0: 1.

There was a goal in the 87th minute by substitute Miran Maksuti to give Llap, the three new points and to put it in the first position on the board until the second run of the second run.

The first part ended 0: 0, with no serious signing occasions, while Llapi’s football player, Mirlind Daku, shot in the scoring area with the best chance in this game, but Jasla Bajrami’s goalkeeper intervened without a problem.

The second part was better for both the game and the case. The first case met Alban Rexhep of Vllaznia who failed to put the ball to the net in front of goalkeeper Afrim Ademi.

After that, Llapi took the initiative of the match and immediately in the 56th minute won the penalty, as it was banned in the football area Gentrit Begolli. Responsibility was taken by Mentor Zhdrella, who failed to defeat the disposition for the game Jasir Bajrami, who received his penalty.

Cases for Llap, just how fast they were. Mirlind Daku had a chance in the 82nd minute but was banned in the area where the penalty was sought but the same opinion was not Besfort Kasumi.

And the much-anticipated goal came in the 87th minute. After a beautiful pass from Valon Zeqiri, Miran Maksuti with a precise kick beat Jasir Bajrami for 0: 1 score and for Llap’s second win in the first two laps of the new Superliga season.

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