Vllaznia Pozheran – Llapi, on Friday, 25 August

The match starts at 16:30 at the city stadium in Gjilan

Podujevë, August 22, 2017 – Vllaznia of Pozheran and Llapi meet in the opening match of the second week of Vala Superliga.

After the minimal victory (1:0) against Drenica, Llapi travels to Gjilan to face Vllaznia of Pozheran, who lost to Feronikeli in the first week (1:0).

In meetings between Vllaznia and Llapi, the deepest victory met Llapi with a score of 0:11 in 1973 before the war.

The last game before Llapi entered the Superliga was held in Pozheran, where Llapi had won 1:3, while in Podujevë Llapi had triumphed with a score of 3:0.

In the last two games, the balance between the two teams is 6:1 for Llapi.

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