Friendly: Llapi 1:0 2 Korriku

The match was decided by the beautiful goal of Valon Zeqiri.

Podujevë, July 29, 2017 – Llapi has won the next preparatory test on 2Korrik with result 1: 0. In a very interesting match and followed by a considerable number of viewers, Llapi’s team managed to score with not so high score but to test the team’s form.

The first half was equal and with Llapin reaching faster at the door but failed to score the goal. For 2 Korrik there was no case that was worthy of mention, even though the players were quite disposed to play. The best opportunity in the first half was not exploited by Mirlind Daku who fired well but the ball went by the guest gate.

The second part was more dynamic. Immediately Llap’s players were trying to find the goal. Valon Zeqiri, the best player in the match scored a beautiful goal which was also helped by one of the defenders of July 2 and Llapi took the lead 1: 0. Coach Tahir Batatina, pulled some of the top players out of the game and put in the second half some new players. The second half is a shallow 68 minutes when Edon Zeqiri hit the corner but the crossbar denied the goal. There was not something to mention in this period and Llapi won the 1: 0 duel against 2Korrik


Llapi – 2 July 1: 0 (0: 0)

Goalkeeper: Valon Zeqiri 53 ‘

Seekers: Approximately 150

Llapi: Mustafi – B. Emini, Blakqori, Jashari, Sinani, Shabani, Namani, L. Emini, V. Zeqiri, Zhdrella, Daku. Speaker: Tahir Batatina


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